Gallon Plastic Jug Lab

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For the setup, we gathered our materials: 1-Gallon Plastic Jug, a jar, a mesh screen, Isopropanol, an Apparatus, scissors, a ruler, some tape, and a collected soil sample. First, we cut the bottom of the jug using scissors. Then, we poured two centimeters of isopropanol into the jar. Then, we placed the milk jug funnel’s spout in the open part of the jar. The jug is compared to the funnel, while the jar is the collection chamber where critters will be trapped in. After this, we bend the mesh screen so that it’s securely into the milk jug and forms a stable platform for the soil sample. Then, we put the soil sample into the funnel on the jar and tape the ruler to the handle of the funnel and to the side of the jar to ensure that the funnel remains
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