Galton 's Whistle Or The Silent Whistle

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Most people are often fond of whistling. Some would even turn around to see if they are the ones being called if someone whistles. However, no matter how clear whistling to our ears can be, there are moments when we cannot hear it, such is a case of a dog whistle. Believe it or not, dog whistle that only dogs can hear really occurs. In this very scenario, it is safe to say that dogs have better auditory receptors compared to humans like us.
Galton’s whistle
There was a special whistle for dogs made by Francis Galton way back in 1876 called the Galton’s whistle or the silent whistle. This whistle for dogs emits sound in the ultrasonic range. People will not be able to hear these sounds, however, animals such as dogs and cats can. The whistle has been used by people and trainers to practice and coach their lovely pets.
Galton’s whistle has been featured in his book, the Inquiries into Human Faculty and its Development where he pointed out experiments that can test the range of frequencies heard by different animals.
Dog whistle that only dogs can hear
In today’s time, the frequency of most dog whistles is between 23 to 54 kHz. Humans will not be able to hear them because the maximum range of a human hearing for children is about 20 kHz, and between 15-17 kHz for middle-aged adults. Meanwhile, the dog’s hearing range can reach up to a maximum of 45 kHZ. Thus, dog whistle that only dogs can hear is pretty much not for humans.
To a human ear, a dog whistle may only be perceived

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