Gambia Chapter 2 Episode 1 Summary

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Episode one tells the story of the first 8 weeks when a single cell, no bigger than a speck of dust, transforms into the most sophisticated organism on the planet, a human fetus. The clock starts with the moment of conception, but days after our story can take the most unexpected turn.
Holly, Jessica, Ellie and Gorgie are the 1 in 64 million identical quads whose lives changed forever when they were a clump of a few hundred cells. For reasons no-one can really explain the connections binding their cells were mysteriously broken and four clumps of cells started to behave independently from the rest. Against the odds these cells each went on to form four entirely separate young lives. In The Gambia an extraordinary 70 year long study has been looking into the seasonal effects of life expectancy and it’s returned some shocking results. Babies conceived during the dry months are seven times more likely to die in young adulthood
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Chart the metamorphosis from the lizard like, mouse like and monkey like forms you once took on until the moment around 12 weeks when you became unmistakably human.
Episode two continues to follow the incredible journey focusing on the middle months of our time in the womb when we become unique individuals. For the first ten weeks of pregnancy our biological sex is hidden. Meet the remarkable village of people in the Dominican Republic where the sex determination process in the womb doesn’t always run to plan.
Testosterone also influences the mind, which Michael sees when he meets a family in California, whose daughter, seven year old Mati, feels she has been born in the wrong body. Occasionally, our cells do not always follow the plan, like with baby Oliver, one of the 1 in 1000 babies who arrive with a cleft lip, or Cheryl, a member of just a handful of families in the world who have no fingerprints and Jo, who is searching for her immune system twin as her best hope to overcome
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