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Gambling Addiction and Problem Gambling
To some people gambling is just a waste of time and money but to some it can be a winning streak. Back then in the 1970s 30-55 years old was the typical age that most people gambled but now the typical age is 17-70 years old. In the United States the legal age to gamble is 21 in most casinos and in some Indian casinos the legal age is 18. There are many ways to gamble there are casinos, online gambling and even home gambling with family or friends. Gambling not only interferes with your money it can also affect and causes problems with an individual’s life. Gambling addiction and problem gambling create physical, emotional, social and financial problems in the lives of the gamblers
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Internet gambling is easy to get hooked on. There are advertisements for casinos at almost all of the major search engines and home pages (ex: yahoo, metacrawler, excite etc.) Many of these advertisements claim that they have free gambling or give away free money. For example one casino will give you $125.00 for a $50.00 deposit. Do you think they would really give you that money if they weren’t confident that you would get hooked and spend it all there or if they thought that they wouldn’t get it all back? Once they have lured you to their websites it is easy for them to get your money. It seems a lot easier to spend virtual casino tokens purchased with a credit card than it is to spend your actual hard earned cash at a real casino. Another obvious problem with having online casinos is that children have easy access to them. There is no way to check ID. Anyone with a credit card number can play. Parents of children who gamble online are legally responsible for the debt that their children accumulate. It is especially easy if the parents have already been to that particular casino and set up an account. All the child would need is a password and many computer operating systems have the option of saving passwords and filling them in for the user. Young people are especially vulnerable to Internet gambling. “In virtually all studies of the rates of gambling problems at various ages, high school and college-aged individuals show the highest problem rates,” said

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