Gambling in The Bahamas: Should it Be Legalized?

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The Oxford dictionary defines the word ‘gamble’ as playing games for a chance of winning money. Last year, the current Government of the Bahamas proposed a referendum that asked Bahamians about their views on gambling. The referendum asked Bahamians if they supported the regularization and taxation of web shop gaming. As noted in the results, the mass of the Bahamian people voted no against the referendum. Today, the gambling issue has reawakened and Bahamians are now in a fight against the laws of their country. Several Bahamians believe that the law discriminates against Bahamians because it prohibits Bahamians from owning and legally gambling in casinos within in their homeland. Although any form of gambling is illegal in the Bahamas, there are abundant web houses that allow Bahamians to participate in a few forms of gambling. Gambling in The Bahamas propose that legalized gambling can result in job creation, revenue generation and prevent discrimination of Bahamians however, "Harms of Legalized Gambling" suggest that gaming can lead to poverty, increased and pathological gambling. Numerous web houses and casinos are found throughout the islands of the Bahamas. In the film "Gambling in The Bahamas", Acct John Bain stated; that during the time that the Progressive Liberal Party was under the leadership of Sir Linden Pindling, casinos in the…

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