Gambling: the Problems and History of Addiction, Helpfulness, and Tragedy

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Recently there have been a lot of studies on the subject of gambling and games play. The average uninformed individual might wonder "Why, it really is not that big of a deal?" and think that it is just a small poker game or a little bet over a sporting event. There are so many more aspects to gambling than just the little games and bets. That is just a fraction of all of the problems and crime it can be connected to. Now there are also great perks to having some forms of gambling, such as lotteries. The lotteries help out by contributing to government programs such as education, military, etc. To help people understand gambling and games play it is necessary that they learn about the history, the viewpoints, and the cold hard facts.…show more content…
He sued the Washington D. C. government, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the plaintiff and they were forced to pay the one-hundred thousand dollars. This scared many states from getting directly involved with lotteries and thus led to the banning of lotteries in most states. Only Pennsylvania and Massachusetts had not prohibited gambling and game playing from 1840 to 1860. Gambling would return, however, in a bigger way than before. Gambling exploded back onto the scene around the late 1880's near the end of the Civil War. This was known as the second wave called National Lotteries. The south needed a way to pay for all of the reconstructing it would need, after the damages suffered during the war. There were a variety of things that needed to be fixed such as; roads, bridges, school buildings, and all of the other buildings and institutions that had suffered damage during the war. Desperate for a way to raise money, southern legislatures let private operators conduct lotteries to raise these greatly needed funds. Lotteries were different this time as they were held on a national level instead of a local level. The southern lotteries sold out tickets to people all over the nation. A very popular lottery was held in Louisiana and was called "The Serpent". The reason this lottery was so popular was because it was held on the national level. Everyone from anywhere in the

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