Game 1 Dodgers Research Paper

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Every year all the Baseball fans wait for the World Series Games. World Series is the annual championship series of the Major League Baseball (MLB), the highest level of the baseball can achieve. The World Series Game is determinate by one America League and one National League, they play best of seven to determine who is the best team in the world. This year, the Los Angeles Dodgers and Huston Astros were the two teams that competed for the commissioner’s trophy. Dodgers that after 29 years have another chance to win the world series and the Astros that was searching for his first one. Dodgers had a great season with 91-63 record; however, on the end of season they have a big slump, losing 20 of 25 of the last games. That makes a big difference…show more content…
Dodgers won by 3-1, all Los Angeles fans got excited, think that Dodgers will get the world series. However, in game 2 and 3 Houston made good adjustment and won booth. Dodgers felt that would not be that easy. And they come back and won the game 4. So was tie series and they were heading to game 5. Game 5 was the import game because however that wins that game would need to win one more game, and the pressure in game 6 will go to the time that lost because if they lost again was over. So, in the game 5 was the most intense game that I ever see. Dodgers was losing by 3 run on the top of 9th inning, last chance to dodgers. And Puig hit a 2 runs homer with one out. And on 2 outs runner at 3rd Taylor hit a base hit and they tied. Houston could not score in the bottom 9th, so the game went to the extra innings. Dodgers could score so was the Houston turn. Was 2 outs runner at 2nd and 1st and Bregman at the plate. He hit a base hit at the left field and the runner at 2nd score, game over. Was a great game because in total were 7 home runs, the most number of homer in the world series game ever. Game 6 dodgers must win if not they were out, so they won by 3-1. Game 7, the last game, Houston start in front putting 5 runners in the first 2 inning, and Dodgers only score at the 6th. Game over 5-1 Houston. As a Dodger fan I was cheering for the Dodgers win the World Serie. All the people in LA was excited for it, everybody wearing a dodger clothes, was another vibe. Unfortunately, they lost, but I hope they can take all the postseason games to grow and be ready for the next year. And in my opinion Houston was playing better then Dodgers. And after the hurricane in Huston I thought that they deserve
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