Game 4 Of The Western Conference Finals

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Game 4 OT Thriller It was Saturday in Chicago, around 8 in the morning, that seemed to be moving as fast as a turtle crawling a marathon. Shooting the breeze outside with my father, I was quietly pondering a question. After staring into the distance, gazing at the alluring pine trees on the horizon glistened by the scorching sun’s rays, my dad broke the long silence. He said,“son, why are you so quiet? You seem to be in deep thought.” Quietly I responded, “You know that game 4 of the Western Conference Finals is tonight, right?” The look on his face was not promising, he seemed to know exactly what I was going to ask. He quickly snarled, “You’re kidding me, I fly the entire family out to Chicago and you want me to spend $658 for the two…show more content…
As my family and I walked outside to get into the car, I gulped a fresh breath of outdoors, I could taste the pine trees on my tongue causing my mouth to overflow with saliva. Exhaling I cherished how proud I was of Evie make this big step and accepting Christ.
The drive from Chicago to Arlington Heights was almost an hour long. The whole time in the car I couldn’t keep my mind off the Chicago Blackhawks hockey game. How many times would the opportunity arise that I would be in Chicago and the Blackhawks playing in the Stanley Cup semi-finals? There had to be a way we could find tickets for less than what my dad said they cost. An idea hit me out of no where, I knew my uncle Larry was going to attend the Baptism, after all he is a season ticket holder. I couldn’t be selfish and just run up to him and ask if he had any extra tickets. My entire family was going to be at the church and I wanted to be sure and enjoy the little time with them since I no longer live in Chicago. Plus, the day wasn’t about me or the game, it was all about my cousin Evie accepting Jesus. As my family and I walked into the Church we all immediately went to Evie and congratulated her on the big decision. After greeting with more relatives I found my seat and waited patiently for the Baptism to begin. Out of no where I felt a presence behind me.
“ALEX” uncle Larry said in my ear with excitement.
Startled I flipped around and said, “Uncle Larry! How are
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