Game Day Research Paper

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Gameday The hours of preparation, practice, and training that a team and coaching staff dedicate is all for the purpose of having the ability to win basketball games. At the end of the day, the purpose of recruiting, practicing, learning to communicate, and naming captains is to win games. A coach must prepare his team and put them in the best position possible to win games; he must lay out a game plan to be executed and tell his players what he expects from them before the game (Knight, 2013). One way to prepare a game plan is to watch game film: both of one’s own team and of the opposing team. Watching one’s own team’s game film allows a coach to identify the things that his team does well. Coach Knight (2013) prefers to focus on the things his team did wrong during a film study so that patterns that cause mistakes can be fixed. Preventing mistakes that cause losses is more important than praising what is done correctly (Knight, 2013). Preparing a game plan and executing it well bridges the gap between two teams that are not…show more content…
There are hundreds of coaching styles, some are successful and others are not. These different styles include different psychology and thinking behind decisions and contrasting philosophies and strategies. In this literature review, only three main coaching styles were analyzed. Many different styles exist, some of which are very effective. Studying countless more coaches could help one broaden one’s knowledge on more coaching styles. There are countless lessons to be learned from coaches, both inside and outside of basketball. An effective coach has not only perfected his psychology, philosophy, and strategy of the game but has also learned how to make an impact on the athletes he has the privilege to
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