Game Related Statistics

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Anyone who is a sports fanatic can say that when their team is playing, they will go all out in cheering and showing their support so that everyone else can see how much their team means to them. So how does one choose their favorite team? In basketball, there is no argument that fans stick true to their teams, whether it's because it's their hometown or they have the most valuable players on the team (MVP) or simply just based on statistics. Whichever way a person decides which team they'll go for, one thing remains constant; a supporting fan that will always be quick to defend their team in any situation. Whenever it's basketball season, there is always one question that arises, “Who are you going for?” For most the answer is simple, the team…show more content…
Based on the article by Sampio, Jamie; McGarry, Tim; Calleja-Gonzalez, Julio; Saiz, Sergio Jimenez; Alcazar,Schelling and Balciunas, Mindauhas (2015) “One of the most common methods of monitoring sports performance is using game-related statistics to evaluate technical and tactical behavior”. There are people who can rave about a team's overall statistics or just an individual player, especially when their trying to prove their point in a dispute against an opposing team fan. Statistics can show evidence in ranking which player is worth talking about. A person who bases their favorite basketball team by statistics can easily back up their information by showing numbers. No matter what any other person can throw at them, they will be quick to mention how many championship rings a player has gotten, or how many championships a team has won overall. They will have knowledge in their team player's overall shooting percentage as well as their rebounds, assists and so on. So, if a person is deciding their basketball team by statistics, they will have a pretty good advantage in always proving their team as the best by evidence in
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