Game Shop Inc. Essay

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To: David McDonald, Financial Analyst at Game Shop Inc.
Re: Improvement on Billing Process

We have received the request to evaluate the current management system and practices of Game Shop Inc. We have taken actions to identify problems and the areas of improvement based on the information provided. Our team has concluded maintaining a good reputation in the industry is a critical success factor for Game Shop Inc. because this industry is an oligopoly and anything that affects your reputation would affect your reputation with all members of the video game industry. We began by analyzing the current billing system. Past errors in the billing process
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The billing scorecards are informative to the PMs and others, however it does not seem to be improving billing timeliness as the grades have not increased significantly on average(insert endnote). The punitive nature of the scorecards (ie. Detention meetings) have the right goal in mind but may cause managers to harbor resentment which most likely would not lead to the desired effect. Since the P-Cars focus more on procedures rather than personnel, we will focus our alternatives mainly on procedural aspects as P-Cars were the most successful.

Alternative 2:
Another alternative is to have an IT system that is integrated into the billing system. It can have several advantages and resolve key issues effecting billing accuracy and timeliness. An important flaw that an IT system will help address is efficiency in the billing process. Currently, billing work can only be submitted once a week and reports take too long to download onto a PM’s computer. With an integrated system, bill processing time is reduced through automation. Since changes in estimates are common, there can be a lot of paperwork submissions that have to go through the proper channels. Automated entry saves time, money, and can be more accurate. Management is able to update POs quickly and easily. Some customers might not be happy with the current system of receiving POs because they quickly become obsolete. With
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