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Assignment 2: Planning and Playing a Game Objectives: • Learn how individuals contribute to teamwork • Experience some of the features of group work and teamwork • Understand what managers and organizational developers do to transform • groups into teams • Articulate the tangible benefits (both quantitative and qualitative) of • high-performing teams • Finish with an interest in learning more about these concepts and • techniques to apply what you learn Background: For this assignment, you will plan and play a game with your family or friends, or at work based on the idea of the classic prisoner's dilemma. If you have had a class on game theory, you will be well aware of this…show more content…
Instructions • Review in your textbook, the Big Five personality dimensions, pp. 74-76, and then consider the 3.1 Personality Insights inventory • Select four or five friends, coworkers, or family members and have them take the personality inventory • Plan and play a game with the participants • Write a 5-10 page paper that addresses the assignment questions below As you plan and play your game, you will negotiate the type of game you want to play and your role in it. Strive to determine some personal characteristics of the game participants a head of time, or by observing them. Consider how the personal characteristics of the individuals in the game manifest themselves in the informal roles they assume during the planning and execution of the game. For the purpose of this assignment, you will want both a cooperative and a competitive element. To do that, you can form several groups to compete and cooperate with each other, or you can have individuals in one group compete and cooperate. You can use rewards and/or punishments to create the competitive/cooperative motivations. Evaluation: When groups are formed, we want to consider how organizational structures, processes, and situations impact on group motivation, politics, and goals achievement. Alignment of all of these structural, personal, and interpersonal components will help to ensure that the group will meld into a

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