Game Theory as it Relates to Abortion in Canada

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Flanagan’s Status Quo

In 1988 abortion legislation was abolished by the supreme court of Canada (Flanagan 120). Current law was deemed to violate a women’s “security of person” under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (Wikipedia). Drafting and passing abortion legislation became the responsibility of the current Prime Minister and the House of Commons (Flanagan 121). Attempts by Brian Mulroney to introduce abortion legislation into the House of Commons and senate failed repeatedly (Flanagan 121). ) Despite public opinion favoring moderate legislation, abortion in Canada remains unlegislated (Flanagan 121).Under the circumstances stated why does Canadian abortion law remain in a state of limbo?
In Game Theory and Canadian
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The Members of Parliament could now be categorized according to their opinions. Flanagan analyzed this data by placing the MP’s into seven groups:
1. 40 Resolute Pro-choice who wanted to maintain the status quo
2. 12 Pro-choice compromisers who voted for amendments one and five
3. 17 Pro-choice leaning moderates who voted for amendments one, five and the government resolution
4. 38 moderates who voted for the government resolution
5. 12 Pro-life leaning moderates who supported the government resolution plus amendment two
6. 9 Pro-life compromisers who voted for amendment three and the government resolution
7. 96 Resolute pro-lifers who voted for amendment two and/or three and against the government resolution. (Flanagan 127)
A strange phenomenon had occurred: the ninety-six pro-lifer’s voted against the government resolution in the final vote and by default supported the status-quo—a seemingly pro-choice option. Flanagan mentions that the expected outcome would be for the “majority to coalesce around the position of the median voter…as is predicted by elementary rational analysis of uni-dimensional conflicts”(Flanagan 127). He fails to explain this comment. What is a “uni-dimensional conflict” and why does this situation violate its expectations?
A uni-dimensional conflict is a dispute involving a single issue, such as abortion, with gradated strengths of opinion (Brams 28). It can be represented graphically with opinion along the x-axis and the number
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