Game Time

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Game Time Marlene Wise COM/170 August 11, 2014 Carrie Bailey Game Time There are twenty seconds left in the game; it is the third down on the twenty-five yard line, the quarterback leads the huddle, what is the play? Will it win them the game? The players take the line; the quarterback calls out, "24, 48, Oklahoma, Oklahoma, hut," the center hikes the ball, the quarterback takes two steps back; he looks and looks hoping to find an open receiver near the end zone. What happens? This play can be used in both college and professional (National Football League NFL) football. Even though college and professional football is the same, the professional football player may treat the game as a business while the college player plays…show more content…
The business of the game is different between the two levels. At the college level, the schools, teams, and athletic departments make money throughout the season without paying the players. The stronger or more popular the team and/or the player is, the more money the school makes. It is not uncommon to see many fans in the stadium wearing team jerseys, as well as other apparel and team specific items. College athletic departments receive funds from the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) based on the team's progress in the Bowl games. The professional players are paid a salary based on their contract, therefore, being paid to play the game. These players also earn endorsements from items sold with their name on it, such as team jerseys and shirts. For example, Russell Wilson, quarterback for the Super Bowl Champions Seattle Seahawks, has an annual salary of $700,000 and a net worth of $4million. While at the same time, Jameis Winston, quarterback for the BCS National Champions Florida State Seminoles, goes on to play another year of college football with no monetary compensation. Both men are playing the same game, same position, and Championship winners. However, different outcomes for the players themselves. Each level earns money from the fans who buy tickets, fan gear and other items relating to the team name and franchise. Some teams are luckier than others and have loyal fans, no matter how their favorite team performs, they still
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