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Formatting Video Game Platforms for the Future
Video games have hugely impacted world culture since the late 1970’s. Video game companies like Atari and Midway helped lead this digital revolution by introducing arcade games such as Pong, Pac-Man, and Asteroids. Though Atari and Midway receive the most recognition for beginning this videogame revolution, none of this would have been possible if not for Japanese companies like Namco and Taito, who created the software for such games. Because of companies like Namco and Taito the advancements of video game technology have led us to have mobile and in-home versions of our favorite games. In March 1980, the video game industry had made an attempt to adapt to the everyday lives of people. Atari created the first successful in-home video game console called the Atari 26001. This 8-bit game console had the ability to bring the fun of the arcade to the comfort of home. The Atari 2600 used game cartridges as seen to the left. These cartridges were compact and almost unbreakable. Each cartridge’s outside had a scene from the game with a short description of what the game was about. By the mid 80’s there was a great array of games for the Atari 2600 but there was also competition. In 1985 Nintendo created its own 8-bit video game console called the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). The NES had games like The Mario Brothers and Donkey King. NES had blown up in Singapore but in America it was another story. The NES was too

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