Gamer : Gamer And Their Own Self Identity Essay

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Throughout this essay, I will be critically analysing the research paper ‘I, Gamer: Gamer Identity in South Africa’ by Bianca Wright. I will analyse the research paper by looking at the main themes of the paper, which are stereotypes and the concept of ‘the other’ and how they were targeted and addressed in the research, the research methods that were used, how appropriate and effective they were and the impact on other gamer identity research papers that this paper has had.

‘I-Gamer: Gamer Identity in South Africa’ is based on gaming in South Africa and the stereotypes it faces, mainly being white males, with the research being a female gamer herself, she has grown up in this culture and experienced breaking that stereotype first hand. In addition, the research explores how the wider access to games through the use of phones and tablets has impacted both the definition of a gamer and their own self-identity. Wright used a series of virtual focus groups and online surveys to collect her research, as online platforms were best suited to her participants. Other research around gamer identity is mainly based on countries like the United States such as Gaming lives in the twenty-first century by Gee (2007), whereas this research is based in South Africa, which both sets it apart and limits it.

The main theme of this research paper is the stereotypes that gamers are subject to; she states that gamers are widely believed to be white males, an issue that is so large within the
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