Gamers And Their Opinions Matter

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Gamers like to believe that their opinions matter. Whether it’s ignorance, or simply blind sense of entitlement, they all like to think that their collective voice means something, that their opinions alone, will transform the landscape of interactive entertainment.
Over the past decade any person with access to the internet could experience first-hand, numerous ‘’uprisings’’ within the confines of countless video-game related discussion boards, YouTube, and plethora of social networks. Whether the vocal minority was rebelling against an alteration made by a developer within a game, or even the game itself, they’ve more often than not, failed to achieve their ‘’goal’’. And their failure doesn’t usually stem from the fact that in majority their arguments are irrational, flawed to the core, and simply absurd, but from the fact that a message on the internet, no matter how strong, will not result in any desirable outcome.
An essay on Reddit, whether supported by a handful of people or an entire army of internet warriors, will never persuade a developer to divert its course and please the ‘’fans’’ with the changes they desire. And this is because developers, even the ones who put the fans leagues above their personal wellbeing, have no final say in what makes the final cut. In fact, some developers are even unable to choose which title they want to create, as they are just one step above the average consumer on the ladder of the interactive entertainment hierarchy. Hierarchy,

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