Gaming : A Major Decision

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Gaming: A Major Decision “Why should you make games? Do it to give players joy from your unique perspective and to have fun expressing yourself. You win and the players win.” – Duane Alan Hahn. The game design major is a great field to pursue. Major gaming companies are in search of people with the skills to both program and create the visuals for games, who want an awesome work environment, who want to get paid well in a constantly growing field. 100’s of people apply for jobs in the gaming field and only a few ever make it because they lack either the experience or education necessary to fill the job’s requirements. With a degree in computer game design, you are quite able to fill both of those needs and easily find a job in the career of your dreams. Many, if not all, of the triple A gaming companies are looking for employees with the necessary skills to work on a large game. The problem is that until recently there haven’t been too many ways to gain the necessary skills other than spending your free time learning how to write in certain programming languages. This major gives someone the necessary knowledge to go straight from college into a career designing games. The advantage for someone who has a degree in this field is the fact that it doesn’t merely cover one aspect of the job. People with this degree will both have an art and programming knowledge base. Many employers need to find people with one or the other, and if they only have to find one person to
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