Gaming and its Benefits

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Gaming and its benefits “You are wasting our time in front of those computers, throwing away our life as we are not getting anything back.” I would hear this every time coming from my parents as I reach for the power button of my laptop. It seems like with the growing belief, “time is something priceless”, we need not to spend time on wasteful things such as video games. But, why video games receive such an outrage from the people in the first place? Probably because of its long history associated with violence and addiction, video games’ stereotype had become a practice unconsciously accepted by people from every culture. To this day, gamers are still placed at the bottom of the ladder being the worthless one, receiving labels that do not describe who they are as a person, but criticizing what they like to do. However, as our society moved forward with technology and better understands, video games have proven to be outweighed any criticism out there with its benefits for individual and society. (which all dated back to the purpose of its creation) Games originally created a world in which players freely becomes what they want by working hard enough. It is unlike any real world situation as they require no social status from you and based purely on the brain’s talent. This gives rise to a lot of people from different places around the country. The poor class, the underrepresented people succeeded at video game received admirations which were not easily obtainable outside
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