Gamma Radiation Research Paper

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Radiation is often negatively connotated; however, this impression is inappropriate. Radiation is extremely beneficial in the standards of medicine and is a very predominant as well as an effective way of not only creating energy, but testing how old a fossil is or even how a substance will stand to the test of time. On behalf of the advancements brought to the surface by these developments, the possibility of genetically altering crops with radiation has become possible. With the advancements brought to the light in the early twentieth century, gamma radiation began to hold its own. Gamma radiation is extremely beneficial to society because of its contributions the agrarian culture in the world. Having a basic fundamental understanding of…show more content…
Atomic gardening, also referred to as gamma gardening, was founded in the 1950s. Gamma gardens are arranged in a spherical pattern with a removable radiation source in the center. The plants that were subjected to this would be laid out almost like slices of pie. Starting at the center of this spherical shape, the plants would radiate outwards from where the radiation source was. This layout was specifically chosen so that there would be different levels of exposure though out the experiments varying along the radius of the garden. The plants towards the outer edges would have growth abnormalities and other defects. In contrast, the plants closest to the center would usually be found dead by the end of the duration of the experiment. Because the plants towards the outer rim of the garden survived and feature a wide variety of mutations, they were taking under much interest and studied. Most gamma gardens were on national laboratories in then the U.S.S.R., Europe and the U.S. A disease resistant peppermint plant is an example of a crop developed from this scientific experimenting. In contribution to the discoveries from gamma gardening, pesticides and more resistance to common plant variables have been discovered and
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