Gamma Rays Are The Most Interesting Wave Of The Electromagnetic Spectrum

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Gamma rays are the most interesting wave in the electromagnetic spectrum. In 1900, Paul Villard discovered Gamma rays unexpectedly while he was conducting a radioactivity experiment (ARPANSA). He differentiated gamma rays from x-rays because he realized that gamma rays had a greater penetration power depth through his further study and research (ARPANSA). Gamma radiation studies revealed that they are very dangerous, but scientist also found a way to protect against gamma radiation and many beneficial usages.

Gamma radiation is in the highest energy level of the electromagnetic spectrum (Electromagnetic Spectrum). And the electromagnetic spectrum reveals the different types and range of radiation as well as their wavelengths,
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The research logically proved that if a person was farther away from the radiation, they would be affected less by the bombing. The research clearly revealed why a high dose of gamma radiation was dangerous because the bombs and explosions immediately killed people, and had many ways to destroy person’s health.

Unlike high dose of gamma radiation, a small dose of radiation had a significant and negative effects on the victims in China. This study strongly proved that gamma radiation negatively affected the health because the accidental Ir-192 gamma radiation caused a variety of cancer even with small doses of radiation: .05 - .65 Gy (Li). Iridium 192 is a radioactive isotope that has a half-life of 73.82 days which means that these radiations may occur rapidly. Also, the victims who were exposed to this radiation had limited knowledge that certain machinery expelled the gamma radiation (Li). 54 people were conducted on a 10-year test to check their health. The method was very simple because the researchers gathered and then studied blood samples, bone marrow, and their T cell subsets (Li). The results revealed basic clinical symptoms such as an increase in dizziness, fatigue, memory loss, insomnia for 90.7 % of the people in the first month, but as time passed by, the study

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