Gandhi : A Leader Of India 's Movement

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Mohandas Gandhi was born in Porbandar, the present-day state of Gujarat in India, in the year 1869. He was raised by his father and his exceedingly religious mother who worshipped the Hindu god Vishnu and was influenced by Jainism, a religion that practiced self-discipline and nonviolence. Gandhi grew up exercising these same religions and followed Jainism to the point where he fasted and meditated regularly, practiced nonviolence, and was a vegetarian. These values that he grew up with became a large influence on how he would lead people later on in life. After perceiving social injustice towards Indian immigrants and experiencing racial discrimination on a train in South Africa, Gandhi would begin his journey on a path of fighting for civil rights. Gandhi would later become a leader of India’s movement towards independence from Britain. He fought against the British government through many nonviolent civil disobediences before dying in 1948. Throughout his life, Gandhi displayed leadership characteristics and became one of the most well-known leaders in history. Even more remarkable was the way in which he led people. Gandhi used his values, his personality, and a servant-leader approach in order to better communicate and lead his followers to their goal of independence and civil fairness. First of all, Gandhi acted upon what he deemed valuable in order to be an effective leader. Gandhi received many of his values from his mother and childhood experiences. Due to his…
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