Gandhi, All Human Beings Are Equal

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Gandhi, all human beings are equal. Dr Mahindra shouts in The Old Woman and the Cow condemning people deviating from Gandhi’s path of indiscrimination: “I am talking of something else. I am not blaming you. I am blaming your Dharma – according to Jwala Prasad you are immoral if you do not pay the interest on debt. To be sure, these hypocrites and the priests are together – Brahmin dogs! In one village the pure, pure Hindus have turned out all the untouchables. And this happens in our own raj. All those white caps, Gone is Gandhi’s Dharma?” (Anand1981: 225). According to him, the real spirit of all religions is inclusiveness. Bakha…show more content…
In Coolie, the have-nots suffer the worst during the Hindu-Muslim riots. A mere thought of the communal riots distresses Munoo and “ . . . he gazed at the ruined fortresses, castles, shrines and Mausoleums, which dug their heels into the barren earth among the gnarled roots of trees, cactus and wild shrubs, fuming with shimmering smoke without burning the hateful glare of the all consuming sun” (Anand 1936: 147). The message Anand wishes to impart is what Puran Singh professes in The Big Heart: “If there is anything which has accrued to me through my pilgrimage of the world it is the belief that I must help to change the present order built on profit; that I must devote myself entirely to the poor” (Anand 1945: 143). Anand wants to remove poverty and false beliefs by spreading awareness in the superstition ridden society. “Even in a random reading of Anand’s novels, the reader becomes immediately aware of such issues as the tyranny of the caste-system, its injustice, and its social, moral and economic consequences, class conflicts, exploitation of various kinds of the poor by the rich, quest for identity, search for freedom, etc. Under colonial rule, a number of social and economic changes took place and as a result a feudal society was gradually transformed into a capitalistic one. The class system in India has turned out to be a new kind of caste-system. It is built on the cash nexus on which it
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