Gandhi Film Review Essay

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“I can say without the slightest hesitation, and yet all humility, that those who say religion has nothing to do with politics do not know what religion means” (Gandhi, 1957; 504). These words are only a glimpse of Gandhi’s revolutionary sight that changed Western intellectuals. As we continue to remember his blessings, Gandhi will be known as a leader of the successful freedom struggle and a representative of the highest level of thinking in the Hindu religious tradition. Mohandas Gandhi had many accomplishments throughout his 78 years of life. To briefly outline a few, Gandhi successfully accomplished to abjure from cardinal desires, to study law in London, to educate Indians in South Africa on their rights, oppose a bill that …show more content…
For those who all recollect the trials and tribulations, Gandhi and his fellow congress encountered mass resistance and castigation, all for the sake of Satyagraha. In summarizing, the first half of the film reflects upon Gandhi’s ordeals throughout the years of 1893 until 1919. This part of the film illustrates a few episodes of Gandhi’s time spent in South Africa whilst trying to oblige the government to modify the laws that discriminate against Asians. During these imperative years in his life, Gandhi developed his strategy of non-violence civil disobedience to unjust laws that eventually served as a model for many political movements in his lifetime. Continuing in his trials, throughout 1915 to 1948, which was the ending of Gandhi’s life, this film beautifully articulates the evolution of the Satyagraha, Gandhi’s encounters with Ahimsa, as well as Gandhi’s fight to influence events. Unfortunately, during the end of his time, Gandhi’s dream of a politically unified India subcontinent, where religious preference would not be an issue fails and Muslim areas were partitioned into the separate country of Pakistan. Thus, leaving the predominantly Hindu country of India in an upheaval. Several scenes are brilliantly filmed within this movie. An example is illustrated in the Dandi march. The amazement of the British at

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