Gandhi : The World Of Mahatma Gandhi

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Evan Zuniga
Professor Krupnik
Comparative World Religions
May 6, 2016

Research Paper: Gandhi Mohandas Karamchand Ghandi, better known to the world as Mahatma Gandhi is one of the world’s main faces when we think or talk of the Indian independence movements, women’s rights and all around freedom for humanity. This individual used strategies and tactics of his own to achieve justice for the Indian culture while he was alive. Gandhi also worked to reform traditional Indian society in India as he was a mahatma, a Hindu term in the Hindu religion meaning “great soul”, for his people in the Indian independence movement. In this paper I am going to illustrate Gandhi’s early life, his life work, his contribution to the Hindu religion, how he is honored and how he influences the world today. Mahatma Gandhi was the fourth child of the prime minister of his birthplace, the tiny city-state of Porbandar, India. Gandhi was born on October 2, 1869 to father Karamchand Gandhi and mother Putlibai Gandhi. As a child, Mahatma received normal education, only to be married at the age of 13 by his family’s order. Mahatma married a girl by the name of Kasturba from another locally important family. They would be married until Kasturba’s death in 1944. After the death of Mahatma’s father in 1885, the Gandhi family decided that Mahatma should depart to Great Britain to study law in hopes that he might enter the civil service of local Indian prince. In 1885, Mahatma moved to Great
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