Gandhi and the Journey of Independence

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Intorduction In History, we have always learned about heroes, leaders, and people who made accomplishments that in a way have changed the world. We live for what others have done. Any courageous step taken by an individual in order to achieve a goal, a belief, and seek for a right, comes only from a person with leadership, huge spirit, and greatness. We have always looked back at leaders in our history that have made life easier for us. For that, I would like to write about an extraordinary personality that has achieved a big, difficult step for the good of Indians. Mohandas Gandhi is considered for many people the man of the century. This poor man has done what powerful political rulers couldn’t do. The Mahatma had fought and joined many…show more content…
He dedicated himself to plan for the self rule. He asked all Indians to resist the British rule and to fight nonviolently as other Indians did in South Africa. He first motivated Indians to form and join nonviolent protests and strikes. “Prisons began to fill with thousands of men and women who refused to co-operate with the British government. They refused to pay unfair taxes and refused to work in government jobs. They were beaten and thrown into horrible jails. Sometimes they were killed.” (Schaaf, 2000) Later, Gandhi himself was imprisoned. The Amritsar Massacre After he was released, he declared a new Satyagraha. As thousands of followers started their disobedience, the British stated the Rowlatt Acts against the revolutionaries. He thought that such a demonstration would lead into a positive solution, but it led into huge massacres and fights with the British soldiers. As Indians resisted against the Act, the British soldiers were ordered to shoot on the rebellions, which led to the Amritsar Massacre, “The killing of 379 Indians (and wounding of 1,200) in Amritsar, at the site of a Sikh religious shrine in the Punjab in 1919.” (, 2006) Second campaign against British Following this disaster, Gandhi started a huge non-cooperation with the British government by boycotting the British goods, as well as the English language. He taught Indians to make their own clothes instead of buying the British ones, leading to the
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