Gandhi 's Impact On World History

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Mohandas Gandhi was a civil rights activist in the early 19th century who wanted to separate British rule from India, and give opportunities that all Indian people deserved. As a leader, Gandhi revolutionized the country of India by creating a New Order through peaceful protest and demands through his writings and speeches given in front of India’s people. His voice and actions allowed people to be able to speak up and voice their own opinion. Gandhi’s beliefs such as civil disobedience and that all humans were made from god and should be treated as equally made an impact in the 19th century, and his legacy is still honored today. The Amritsar Massacre exposed to the world how Indians were being treated by the British, and that they were…show more content…
The stagecoach drivers asked him why he was sitting in first class, and that no man or woman of color should be sitting in a seat where the whites sit. Gandhi refused to give up his seat, which led to the stagecoach drivers beating him and thrown off of the train. This was just one example of what was happening all across the world to people of different color. Gandhi realized that something had to be done in order for Indian people to be treated as equally as the white people. He created a passive resistance called satyagraha, which would begin a movement that would spread across India. The satyagraha under Gandhi started with only a small minority of Indians, however with the help of Nehru and Jinnah, Gandhi was able to speak upon other Indians to join and help end the rule of Great Britain over India. In the 1982 movie, Gandhi, Director Richard Attenborough depicted a scene where Gandhi gave a speech to the Indian people that this movement would only work when the entire population works as one, without creating violence against the British. This speech was cut short soon after the British soldiers intruded and threatened the people in the village that any one else who burns their identification cards shall be put in prison. Gandhi’s fearless act of never giving up showed the Indians that you shall remain strong and allow punishment, because the authority will soon realize that what they are doing is wrong. Gandhi suggesting a protest without
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