Gandhi 's Socio Political Thoughts By Non Violence

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GANDHI’S SOCIO-POLITICAL THOUGHTS BY NON-VIOLENCE *Meenu Sharma Research Scholar, Dept. of History, Meerut College, Meerut Abstract— In the study of history of human civilization it is found that there was a continuous trend of torturing the weak by more powerful individuals or groups, exploitation of the poor by the rich and landed people, neglect of the illiterate by the educated people, socially overpowering women by men and as such injustices. Such social injustices are a constant source of discontent giving rise to conflicts. Instead of solving those conflicts they were always suppressed. In the progress of civilization and development of humanistic attitude, people are now gradually getting more and more concerned with Human Rights that demand social justice to all sections of the society. Extreme poverty and illiteracy among a major section of the population is the greatest tragedy for India. Also, in the global context a reasonable economic order through equitable distribution of wealth among different nations and more particularly among the people of the same country is very much needed to avoid conflicts and clashes. Keeping aside these basic facts, only a slogan for “peace” can’t change the society. In this context, Gandhian socio-political thought based on nonviolence can go a long way towards solving these problems. Key words- Ahimsa, Enlightened Anarchy, Village swaraj, Trusteeship, Sarvodaya 1. INTRODUCTION Gandhi’s political ideas are unique because he

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