Essay on Gandhi`s Passion Towards Helping Indians

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Mohandas Gandhi was born in Porbandar, a small coastal town in the western region of British ruled India on October 2, 1867. Gandhi’s father was a politician and served as Prime Minister to a number of local Indian Princes. His mother, Putilibai, was Gandhi’s father’s fourth wife. His parents were not well educated but his mother was literate. Despite their educational problems they were well off and owned several houses in Porbandar, and in nearby villages. Because of this they were able to pay for good education for Mohandas .
At age 13, Gandhi was married to a girl of the same age named Kasturbai. After the death of his father, Mohandas’s family sent him to England to study …show more content…

His “soul force” may have been the only thing that could bring all Indians together and he used it to an amazing effect. British was a liberal empire and they kind of liked Gandhi’s teachings. In 1920's British kind of vaguely agreed for the India’s independence. In 1924, Gandhi devoted himself to “swaraj from within” working to prepare India morally for its independence. He strongly urged that people wore homespun “khadi” when he became President of National Congress in 1925. In 1928 Gandhi made a big decision and returned to his plan for large scale civil disobedience which was drastically inspired by the author Henry David Thoreau. For almost twelve years, the natives of Barodli refused to accept an increase in taxes and held firm despite imprisonment. Government finally gave in and repealed a tax increase. Gandhi came up with a Declaration of Independence in 1930, and then led the Salt March in protest against the British monopoly on salt. This touched off acts of civil disobedience across India, and the British were forced to invite Gandhi to London for a Round-Table Conference. After the failure of Round Table Conference, Gandhi again traveled through India and started his preaching of cleanliness, harmony and love. Gandhi’s slogan was to unify India but to his despair in 1942, British came to a conclusion that they would give independence to India with an option of Muslim

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