Gandhi's View On Homosexuality

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A2. So one day I was hanging out with Gandhi, Muhammad, and Fred Phelps. We all decided that we were hungry, so we stopped by the closest restaurant, which happened to be McDonalds. So, we all ordered our food, found a place to sit down, and started to eat. As we were eating, we were just making casual conversations and having fun, then we some how got on to the topic of homosexuality and this was everyone’s opinion on it. Gandhi’s view on homosexuality is that he is accepting of it, but would not be about it himself. He said that Hindus are not very judgmental at all of homosexuality. He also stated if someone is trying to attain kama, which is pleasure, then homosexuality has actually been seen acceptable. He then went on to say that there was even one person within Hindu mythology that was involved in homosexual activities and behaviors, and that he even dressed as a girl, this person is Samba, who is the son of Krishna. Hijra, which is the third gender role in Hinduism, are men who dress as women. Even though they dress as women does not mean that they are actually trying to be viewed as a women. Hijras actually are important to Hinduism, they are used in certain rituals and ceremonies. According to him, there are half of a million hijras in Inida today. Homosexuality is accepted in Hinduism, but it is not viewed as something that should necessarily be done. This is because it does not allow someone to fulfill their dharma or duty. It prevents that because they are not…
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