Gang Activity Of A Gang

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For decades there have been an abundance amount of gang activity going on around the world and it continues to grow. Every year there is an increasing amount of teenagers over 600,000 that are rushed to the emergency rooms and taken into hospital care due to gang related injuries (Forster, Grigsby, Unger & Sussman, 2015). Most of these children are very young and have not even enter high school, and others have not even completed middle school. Many of the teens that have been rushed to the hospital have also been involved in some sort of a serious violent gang related activity themselves, and by the age of 17, they would have already been in a physical fight, or would have already been initiated into a gang. In most cases when being initiated into a gang the member awaiting to be apart of a gang must commit some sort of crime, such as theft of a vehicle, or robbery. According to Forster, Grigsby, Unger, and Sussman, “community violence exposure, having friends or family members in a gang, and having lower social self- control, would all have a positive association to aggressive behavior,” within the youth community. This is the hypothesis that was created by the researchers in which they speculated before completing the task. This information would also be explored on whether or not gender variations played a role in a youth’s aggression, but there would be no actual theoretical predication about the gender differences (Forster et al., 2015). This means that the research…
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