Gang Crimes: A Group Analysis

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A group that I would consider to be deviant are the people who are gang members. Kerig, P. K., Wainryb, C., Twali, M. S., & Chaplo, S. D. (2013) states that there are, “756,000 gang members across the United States” (p. 774). Gangs are made up of people of different races, ages, religions, and geographic locations. According to Toller (2014) gangs can sometimes be identified by their names, clothes, and/ or hands signs they display (p. 3). Gang members are typically between the ages of 12 to 24 but there are members that are well over the age of 24 (Toller, 2014, p. 3). Toller (2014) discusses the involvement of gangs in crimes ranging from minor offenses such as graffiti to crimes such as murder (p. 4). With the offense that gangs have committed
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