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The American headlines of any large city will site killings on street corners, robberies, assaults, intimidation, and drug interaction. While not all-criminal activity is associated with gangs, the 780,000 strong members do account for a large majority of the problems that are plaguing America. There is no one-way to stop gang activity in one single swipe, but through a combination of cooperation, education, and training techniques law enforcement can minimize the gang’s movements and even stop a crime before it is committed.
A gang is defined as a group of individuals with the same objective that are bound together by a bond of trust. The majority of gangs are
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The street cop is often in the best position to get good first hand information. The majority of the problems in any jurisdiction tend to occur in a certain area of the district, and the street cop is the official that is usually on the scene first. This gives that individual the advantage of the moment, as well as first hand knowledge on what crimes are continually committed, identifying any patterns, and visually seeing the same faces in the surrounding area of the crime. This type of intelligence must be quickly relayed in order to stay ahead of possible gang related activity.
Another type of information collection comes by the way of open source intelligence. The Internet is a powerful tool and recent advances have made it easier to retrieve specific knowledge (Peterson 2000, 83). Information can be drawn from web sites or chat rooms that are advertising position openings within a gang for new members. The problem with the information highway is that it may sometimes be a little overwhelming and time consuming in order to find useful information.
The news media is another source of collection within the open source intelligence discipline. The media may be the first to a gang-related crime scene or could be doing an inside story on a gang. One major advantage to working with the news media is there is always a camera at

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