Gang Leader For A Day : A Rogue Sociologist

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Having read the book Gang Leader for a Day: a rogue sociologist takes to the streets by Venkatesh (2008), based on my childhood education (formal and informal), life circumstances, personal and professional life experiences, I perceive JT to be a lawbreaker. Moreover, based on how our society informally defines a criminal or lawbreaker, JT is clearly someone who does not or will not conform with our collective legal standards or requirements based on the majority opinion of the wider public. However, in contrast to this majority opinion, based on an article by Ballmann (2008) pertaining to the laws that define food culture, we find that based on these rules or laws of food etiquette in the unbuilt libraries of unpublished books of unwritten rules, there are perhaps volumes of materials regarding the legal conflict. For example, some may have to do with table manners, which can and do vary drastically from family to family and culture to culture, so much so that what is considered polite or appropriate at one table is the opposite at the next table within the same venue. Based on our collective culture within the United States and Ballman’s (2008) individual subcultural experiences within Southern California, she also finds that women are under the subjection, in her region of the country, that they are never quite good enough. She perceives that in order to be a woman and to be accepted into the local sisterhood, that a woman must always be discontented with herself
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