Gang Leader For A Day Chapter Summary

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Ms. Donohue Gang Leader for a Day Chapter Summary CH. 1- Characters 1 's Name: Sudhir Venkatesh. Sudhir is Indian, he was born lived in California. He walks into the projects and stays overnight with a gang even though he knows he doesn 't fit in.
Sudhir respects J.T. 's rules and isn 't intrusive with the gang. Sudhir is a university student wanting his degree in Sociology. Sudhir is also intelligent because he goes undercover into a gang for his project that will gain him Harvard admission.
Character 2 's Name: J.T. J.T. is a Chicago gang leader who was born and raised in the projects. He is well educated and understands Sudhir’s purpose and befriends him and keeps him under protection.
This chapter is about a man named Sudhir Venkatesh he is 25 years old. He is a University student studying Sociology. After Sudhir has attended two seminars by the college he is invited to do a study on how black people live day to day. After finding a specific building he was looking for, the Robert Taylor projects, he walks right in. When walking in from left to right he could see the use of drugs. Right off the bat Sudhir is treated like an intruder, even though he is there for information and is not known around the city of Chicago. The gang that Sudhir runs in to in this book is everything but pleasant if you’re not their "own kind". Sudhir is called a Mexican, the only reason he was called Mexican was because of the way he looked. The gang, the

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