Gang Violence Case Studies

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Case Assignment #4
¬ Question 1 o Issue Selection: The issue that has been selected for community organizing is gang violence and threats in a low-income, immigrant dense area of Anaheim. Gang members exhort money from residents and threaten them with violence knowing that as immigrants, they will not reach out to the police for help as they fear possible deportation. o Relevance: This issue is extremely relevant to the community because they do not feel safe in public at night, express concern over drug activity, do not let their children play in public without parental supervision, fear their children will join gangs, and feel powerless. All of this makes residents feel trapped by the pressure of gangs in their community. Furthermore, residents
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It is very important for community members to be involved and participate in these meetings to show gangs that they will not remain powerless or stagnant. As immigrants, residents do not seek help from the police due to fear of possible deportation. To nurture their relationship, a certified letter from the City Manager and Police Chief will be sent to every household, guaranteeing that no questions will be asked regarding their immigration status. It is also important for the City Manager and Police Chief to emphasize in the letter their goals and fervent desire to obliterate gang violence and drug activity as well as the importance of coming together as a united community. Through the letter, they will make the residents aware of their rights as community members and stress the intolerance for gangs, violence, and drug activity. In addition, I will conduct an anonymous survey in the community that will allow them to voice their fears and knowledge on gang violence, extortions, and drug activity without asking for any personal information. This survey will be given to community members who attend community meetings…show more content…
Gangs currently hold the power in this community while residents are powerless. They have placed fear on the residents who feel like prisoners in their own community. The goal of Social Action is to shift power back to the community. Residents must act and resist the threats of gangs, and the only way to achieve change in their community is to mobilize against gangs. The community must confront gang and drug activity with the resources provided by the City Manager and Police Chief.
¬ Question 5 o Socioeconomic status (SES): Someone with a low-level education, low-income, and demanding occupation will most likely live in a neighborhood with high gang and drug activity. Immigrants generally have a low educational status. Therefore, a low socioeconomic status is directly related with low-income, dangerous communities. o Employment status: Immigrants are generally at the very bottom of the pyramid. They do not have decent jobs and most likely live paycheck to paycheck. Therefore, having a low employment status will force them to live in unsafe neighborhoods. o Political Power: As immigrants, they are not allowed to vote for policies or laws that discourage gang and drug activity. They have low political power and cannot directly create change in their
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