Gang Violence On Our Streets

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Gang Violence In Our Streets Gang violence has been around for a long time all the way back to the 1800 and have greatly increased all around the globe ever since. Gangs are a group of people that fight and kill other gangs over turf,money,pride, and drugs. People usually join gangs from around the age of 8 to the age 20. Most gang members join because they have been abused by their parents or because they don 't have a family. Gangs treat each other like a family, that is the most common reason why people join, they want to be accepted, they want to feel like if they belong something. The people who are most affected by this are usually always the most innocent. Enemy gangs usually do drive-by’s which are meant to kill an enemy gang usually end up killing innocent pedestrians walking down the street. Business owners are also being involved by this. Gangs usually use abandoned houses or businesses as a way to mark their turf. They also graffiti on business walls which lead to a loss in customers which lead to a loss in money for the business which leads to the business shutting down leaving yet another abandoned house for the gang.Most gangs also break into houses at night and steal from the home residents often killing them or robbing them of all their prized possessions.They are also almost always involved in gang wars where they kill enemy gang members so that they can gain more turf. Gangs also usually smuggle immigrants through

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