Gang Violence Essay

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The North Carolina Governor’s crime commission states that there are 1,446 gangs across the state with a total of 19,000 members. The average age of gang membership is 15 years old (Our Initiatives-Gang Prevention). In the 1980’s national gangs began to shift from just the bad street type local criminals to taking on public arrangements involved with drug trafficking and other illegal activities. As there power and membership increased gangs were being recognized in locations outside of their regular neighborhood (SKEP). Research indicates because of the increasing number of teens joining in gangs, by 2012 there could be more than 41,300 gang members in North Carolina (Our Initiatives-Gang Prevention). Street gangs are affecting…show more content…
These results indicate that in North Carolina negative behaviors in the future are preventable. The instructing officers stated that it improved their relationships with the children, the school, and the community as a whole, which shows that the program is working (National Institution of Justice). Right Moves for Youth is a school-base program that works together with Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools, police department, county sheriff’s office, and other communities. They help youths have better attendance, behavior, and school performance. Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer Dave Scheppegrell and Charlotte businessman Frank Bragg started Right Moves for Youth in 1989 and incorporated in 1993.More teens should participate in Right Moves for Youth program because their mission is to give youths the ability and guidance that help them graduate from high school with a successful plan for their future. 97% Right Moves for Youth students graduated or were promoted to the next level, 95% missed ten or less of available school days, and 80% kept their suspension rate relative to the previous year. Daniel Zeregaber entered the Right Moves for Youth program his junior year of high school at East Mecklenburg High

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