Gangs: A Narrative Fiction

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It was the year 2514. New York City was in ruins and people were desperate for hope. David and Timothy were two intelligent (Adj) teenagers who were roaming the city, trying to make a life for themselves. Everything seemed completely (Adv) hopeless. The boys had grown up in a time of chaos and destruction. They felt that things would always be the same, but they wished things could be better. In their group there were others who felt like them. A secret meeting had just ended, where the group was trying to come up with ways to make a better future. As they were walking in the shadows they stumbled on an old (Adj) titanium cylinder. They could only make out three words, “He will prevail”. This got the boys very excited, they pulled out the cylinder…show more content…
Let’s see if Mom can help us find a safe place,” said Timothy. The boys were sweating as they pulled the heavy cylinder down the back alleys to Timothy’s house. You could almost (Adv) see the excitement in Timothy’s mom’s eyes. It was decided to put the cylinder in the basement for safety until they had another meeting. They now felt like they could prevail, like the cylinder said, “He will prevail.” The next day, the boys got their group back together to show them the cylinder. Everyone was excited with the find. As they sifted through the Information in the cylinder everyone knew this would be a long road to recovery, but now they had a plan. Better than a plan, the group had a blueprint for the future. Now people would start working in separate groups on different parts of information to rebuild the city. David and Timothy had another meeting. This time they brought parents and other adults with them to start working with the information to rebuild their city. People didn’t want to live in ruins forever. They knew it would take many years, but now they had just what they needed – hope! With the new information from the time capsule, they now were equipped with the tools to start rebuilding. Now the teenagers knew it was just a matter of time until the city was whole
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