Gangs And The American Dream Essay

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Gangs are one form of interference with the American dream. First of all, the issue of the American Dream. What is it? It’s wanting wealth and luxury, a greed or lust for vast wealth and a lavish lifestyle. Then, of course, is the question of: how are gangs preventing people from getting into that lavish or luxurious style of living? Not to mention, how can this be prevented from happening? With gangs, it is obvious that they are associated with a numerous amount of illegal activities, however, there is much more to gangs than just that simple association. The main idea behind gangs is how they provide a certain sense of belonging and according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, belonging is a need that everyone seeks after physical and safety…show more content…
By encouraging member to fight, or even kill, other people, whether they be from the same gang or outside of the gang, is a limiting factor. It limits the chances of achieving the American Dream since they could either be permanently injured as a result, or they could be arrested, which factors into it simply due to there is that charge which can affect a number of different situations. In fact, it’s not just violence, it’s all crime in general that gangs promote. According to a study done, the percentage of gang members who commit crimes is typically significantly higher than that of non-gang members. This table gives a list of delinquencies and gives the percentages of people in the non-gang group, peripheral (those who are tied to gangs, but not in them), and those who are explicitly in a gang. In most of the delinquencies, the percentage of gang member who have done that delinquency is typically higher than that of both the non-gang and peripheral groups. This is a prevention of the American dream since any illegal activities can put those people in jail for extended amounts of time, which can severely limit the amount of income they can receive as well as the types of jobs available to them as people are not as likely to hire a known criminal than someone with a clean
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