Gangs And Their Role With The Violence

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Final Project Outline

Gangs and Their Role With The Violence In El Salvador

I. Introduction (1 page)
a. What defines gang activity? What do youths have to do with it?
i. Give the definition of gang activity, what it actually is compared to the world’s stereotypical view of members ii. Prevalence of gangs in the world iii. Youth involvement iv. Differences of gangs across regions of el Salvador
v. The extent of member’s participation (what does an average member do? What crimes do they commit/not commit?) vi. Why there are youth in gangs vii. Why youth joins so early in the gangs

b. Area of Inquiry: El Salvador, Central America
i. Research in El Salvador is not bad, but the United States information of Salvadorans in the United States is not complete/thorough ii. The effect of the civil war, and the event preceding the war iii. Complexity of why people do certain things, like all psychological reasoning, is complex iv. Gang violence affects the areas surrounding El Salvador as well; maybe look into how those areas are affected?
v. Evidence that gang related violence can eventually be widespread throughout the entire world vi. El Salvador is a small and poor country vii. Has a large population for small area viii. Faced many natural disasters after the civil war, degrading the industrialization of the country ix. Geographic location of el Salvador makes the landing spot for refueling plane that goes between Colombia and the cocaine users in the US

c. Goal of paper
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