Gangs Of New York Book Vs Movie Analysis

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Details of the Unknown. Snow covered cobbled streets, lined with lanterns and lamps of unique design. Inside brewery, in an intersection called Five Points housed people of all different diversities. Black, German, Irish even pure American, were huddled together in this dark and dingy brewery where light barely reaches it except through the very windows it holds. This was what the beginning scene would look like in a movie. A specific movie called Gangs of New York directed by Martin Scorsese. The movie in comparison to the “Gangs of New York, Excerpt” by Herbert Asbury, “Five Points” by Tyler Anbinder, and “A Pickpockets Tale” by Timothy Gilfoyle, were similar in some ways but each had their differences. Yet, to compare and contrast which…show more content…
The movie Gangs of New York seemed almost as if summarizing everything into one piece. The books held facts, details, truths that the movie just couldn’t cover in two entire hours. The authors, Gilfoyle, Asbury, and Anbinder showed us just what exactly urban history is like which was honest, not overdramatized, factual, and real. While admittedly a good movie, the Gangs of New York is a great recommendation for fun, but if comparing it with history the movie is just pure fiction. An overdramatized, thug life of a man in past New York seeking revenge for the death of his father by the hands of Bill the Butcher. Understanding history, even if its urban history is no great feat in itself. For example, at the end of the movie there was the grave of the father of Amsterdam Vallen who was the leader of the Dead rabbits. The scene changed and fast forwards through time where the graves began to be covered in grass and weeds till eventually the graves were gone. That scene is just like history, until history is told, it will just sit and eventually be forgotten never to be found again making them details of the
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