Gangs Of Wasseypur Critical Analysis

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The movie consists of two parts i.e. Gangs of Wasseypur part 1 and Gangs of Wasseypur part 2. The story depicts the period from the early 1940s to mid-1990s. These two parts are formerly reported as a distinct film calculating a total of 319 minutes and screened at the 2012 CannesDirectors' Fortnight. The time exceeded time and the Indian theatre volunteer to screen a five plus hour film. So, it was divided into two parts for the Indian market to make it easy for the presenters.
First part starts with the dispute between Pathans and Qureshis on robbing the train in which Qureshis kill all the Pathans except Shahid Khan and Naseer. Shahid leaves Wasseypur. But he decides to gather wealth, get power and take revenge. In Dhanbad, Shahid is killed by Ramadhir. After Shahid, his son Sardar vows to take revenge and a series of killing starts. The two gangs kill the people of opposite group wherever they get a chance and this continues throughout the movie and the results of these bad practices and many other social evils and their consequences have been presented in the
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Moral-philosophical approach has been one of the oldest approaches to literature. The larger purpose of literature is to teach morality and to probe philosophical issues. “Literature should be delightful and instructive”, says Horace. Plato is of the view that literature must exhibit moralism and utilitariansim. According to Matthew Arnold, “literary works must have high seriousness.”
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Events and characters related to the topic will be analyzed. The discussions will be conducted to trace out the moral values of that societies will be done. The results will be found out on the basis of objectives and research question.
Evils of Indian Muslim Society: This movie presents many events in which propagate the evils the Muslim society of India has been practicing.

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