Gangs and Organized Crime in the United States

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Gangs and Organized Crime in the United States Criminal Justice Janaree Nagel 10/15/2011 Gangs and Organized Crime in the United States is on the rise. With the increase in turf wars, position and the financial gains, gang wars and Organized Crime are linked together in many ways. Within this paper, I will show how they are all tied together in. The M-13’s are the largest reported gang controlling large areas of our states. However, the largest area to which the MS-13’s control is within our own capital, Washington D.C. Their leaders rule all the gangs from inside El Salvador. I will discuss other gangs, and their ties into Organized Crime. Gangs and…show more content…
Only when this social bond is weakened is crime likely to occur. He contended that this social bond has four elements; Attachment, commitment, involvement and beliefs (Fuller 2006).” In the attachment, when children respect their parents, appreciate all that they do for them, they are less likely to be involved in criminal activity. However, when they do not have the proper guidance, lack of concern for their outside activities, they tend to stray, and seek out those who show concern for them. Often it becomes a role model, a close friend, someone to which they seek approval from. This becomes their attachment bond. In gangs, this often leads to the higher authority, a person to which they look up too, to whom they want to become. The level of commitment involves how far one will go to prove themselves. One is committed to a gang, to which they consider all members family. “People who have money, property, and good reputations are committed to the social system that allowed them the opportunities for that success (Fuller 2006).” In a gang, being a member of a respected gang, means that they too will have respect by those outside of the gang, and will often be in fear of your presence. As in the MS-13, individuals who are quite familiar with this particular gang know that it is a matter of survival of their own existence to cross a gang member; therefore, the ordinary citizen will be wise to give way to the member. In the
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