Gangs and Their Effects

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Nowadays, gangs are appearing everywhere from urban to rural area, and they will be gradually out of number. They can be easily recognized through their hairstyle, clothes, and especially their communication. Gangs work under the form of an organization or a group. A member of a gang rarely works alone. A gang can be criminal or non-criminal, but all levels of gangs always involves violence. Gangs and gangsters are the most major concern for citizens, polices and the neighbor’s government. Gangs’ activities have negative effects.
Because of involving violence and safety, a fear is eventually forming in the
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A gang crime can be occurred anywhere in the town. It may be a local park, a school, a parking lot, even a groceries store. Gangs mash every property that is in the middle of the battle field. No business investors want to send their money to develop the place where they think that their properties and resources will be used for gang crimes. If a neighbor doesn’t have any development, the economy of the town will fall down without braking in the middle. Some gangs give them a “permission” to collect monthly money which they called “a protection fee”. If the owner did not hand them the fee, they would demolish the store until they get the money. Therefore, prices of local groceries and commodities have to be risen up to compensate the fee. Gang members use graffiti to declare their allegiance to the gang, advertise the gang 's status or power. Without permission, they just paint, draw, or sculpt on neighborhoods’ properties; therefore, it decreases property values in residential neighborhoods and negatively affects industrial and commercial areas.
The serious effect of gangs’ activities is effect of teenager, and children. A lot of people said, most of teenagers minds are hard to understand. Some of them think that join in a gang group is just for fun or satisfy their curious, but they did not think about consequences. Mostly, their parents do not know about the existence of their child in a gang group.
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