Gangs and Violence in California Essay

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Gangs and Violence in California

This paper was done in response to an article that I came across in which a child was convicted as an adult for homicide. The homicide was supposedly gang-related; the young child that was only 14 years of age was painted as an entrenched gang member. This article made me think what contributed to this situation and how it can be eradicated from today’s society so this will never happen to any of our youth.
The solutions provided in this document are a response to the growing need for schools, school districts, county offices of education, and state legislatures to address youth gangs.

Children are our greatest asset in the world today: They give parents the greatest feeling in the world. Parents go
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The results threaten our children at a younger age and are thwarting the virtuous influence of education/school that we try to inspire our children with. It seems that our children see the some good out of joining a gang, whether it is because of security, fear, or pure nostalgia, it is happening and needs to be stopped nationally; the only way to stop gangs is through a national perspective because of the origins of gangs and because the are engrained in today’s culture and need to be a nationwide, or at least statewide initiative.

According to California law, legislators, law enforcement personnel and school officials are required to make a safe environment for all children and the community-at-large. The California Street Terrorism Enforcement and Prevention Act is the specific provision in the Penal Code that requires action by schools because “the right of every person, regardless of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, gender, age, sexual orientation, or handicap, to be secure and protected from fear, intimidation, and physical harm caused by the activities of violent groups and individuals.” Obviously, this is an ambiguous law and as problematic as it is to find out what the law stipulates, it is just as difficult to

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