Gangs are Corrupting the Streets of America

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Gangs in the United States have increased rapidly, and are becoming more violent and deadly than ever. There are deaths of innocent, young, and gang affiliated people dying each year. This everyday occurrence brings moral and heart felt emotions to these death tragedies. These gangs are corrupting our streets and neighborhoods of America, which is something that is needed to be stopped. All members get introduced and jumped in for a reason, a reason of family, trust, acceptance, and respect which threatens many people today. Every year gang violence is proposed in which it should be prevented in today’s public because they have the urge to be involved with conflicts based on rivalries over reputation and turf, compensates on creating a lot of violence where innocent people are being killed, participate in drug trafficking, and encourages the youth to get involved and join a group of affiliated crime. The overall aspect of gangs having rivalries over their reputation and turf is that they pursue to want to give more attention to the focus of having a wanted family that they think will protect them from their failures in life. Most gangs are primarily male but some admit women. Statistics show that 94% of gang members are male and only 6% of gang members are female. The females that are in gangs are treated very poorly. They are often required to have sexual intercourse with any of the males in the gang when asked. Also instead of getting jumped in like the male members of

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