Gangs in Oklahoma

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Gangs have been around for a long time and have caused many problems in society. When people think of gangs they might think Los Angeles or Chicago, but Oklahoma’s gang violence has been at the same level as most major cities are dealing with. Gangs are a major problem in Oklahoma. Gang members continue to increase in the state of Oklahoma. The main age group that joins these gangs are teenagers and pre-teens. Kids without enough attention or not having a father figure in their life tend to join gangs. Kids want comfort and security and some feel they can find that in gangs. And those are the kids we really need to focus on if we want to help prevent gangs in our society. Crips are a major gang affiliation that was formed in the year of…show more content…
Anyone convicted under the proposed law would face an automatic increase in prison sentence, and some homicides would become death penalty eligible(Journal Record, Staff). I believe this method might not be successful due to many homicides committed by gang members which would cause many young men to face the death penalty. "A series of recommendations from various subcommittees were brought together wednesday during a meeting of two panels working on gang violence issues, but the element of time was also a key issue discussed by those in attendance at the state capitol"(Packham). State Sen. Constace Johnson, believes that we should focus more on education programs to help prevent gang affiliation(Packham). Subcommittees suggested to train neighborhood associations on how to identify and control different gangs and their activities (Packham). Atwood feels that more funding sources are being diverted to other priority areas(Packham). There has been plenty of recommendations we should use for gang prevention that are great ideas and can work. But I feel they need to be executed better. "The Oklahoma Arts Council and the Oklahoma City Police Department may seem unlikely partners in gang prevention, but their work together has been promising. since 2007, the police department has operated the F.A.C.T. program (Family Awareness and Community Teamwork), which aims to step into the lives of youths who are walking a tightrope between falling into gang
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