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1) While Denise Herd argues in her article, “changing images of violence in Rap music lyrics: 1979-1997,” that the impact of gangsta rap lyrics was extremely harmful that “lyrics celebrated a rape culture,” it is necessary to recognize that lyrics provided the message to the colored people to take a stand against the authority who were against them (396). 2) As Pancho McFarland mentions in his article, “Chicano Rap Roots: Black-Brown Cultural Exchange and the Making of a Genre,” about the noisy background sound of gangsta rap that “noise are necessary elements to tell the stories of postindustrial urban America,” rappers used noisy sound to send a message to their listeners to become violent and raise their voice against the authority (944). Paragraph-level Counter Argument:…show more content…
In her article, “From Compton to Cape Town: Black(faceless)ness and the Appropriation of Gangsta Rap in Die Antwoord's “Fok Julle Naaiers,” Kitchiner Lanisa brings up a quote from “The Art of Rap” where Ice Cube adds that “[Gangsta rap] is street knowledge…[Its] letting the streets know what the politicians is trying to do to them. And then, letting the politicians know what the streets think of them, if they listening” (77). This quote implies that their lyrics told everything that the minorities wanted to tell the authorities and lyrics also informed the colored people about the injustice. By admitting the fact that Ice Cube presented, it is undeniable to say that the lyrics had a great impact on making colored people mindful about their rights. In conclusion, the lyrics of gangsta rap produced an anti-authority movement because of the fact that the authority was using illegal power against colored
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