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Running head: Affirmative Action Paper Affirmative Action Paper Monekia English Employment Law/MGT434 April 3, 2010 Jonathan Warren Introduction This paper will touch basis on how affirmative action works in the work world in this day and time. It will also clear up how employers are to subject to affirmative action plans and why would employers need these plans. This paper will also touch basis on what do these particular plans require employers to do. The last topic in the paper will be what happens when employers do not meet the goals of affirmative action plan? Employers could get into serious trouble if their employees are not treated fairly. Action Plans Affirmative action plans are intended to do…show more content…
This plan does not quotas to try and see how many companies they can catch not doing what they are suppose to do. This is an requirement that all organizations are to invest in whether they have the right intentional to practices when it comes to the minorities been treated fairly. Not only is preferential treatment a disadvantage to those of the majority group, it affects those among the minorities as well. It has become an ongoing complaint with the minorities, generally African Americans, that “one of the most troubling effects of racial preferences for blacks is a kind of demoralization” (Steele 573). The use of affirmative action sends out a message to all of America that minorities need all the help they can get in order to be successful. This is not true. Minorities are very well capable of possessing a successful future without the aid of the government. As Steele explains it, “preferential treatment is an implied inferiority” (573). Conclusion In an effort to create jobs opportunity for minority groups, affirmative action has caused an adverse reaction with reverse discrimination and preferential treatment. This plan has open many doors for individuals today and it would be a shame is one did not stand up for what they believe in. Although all problems will not be solve or may even escape through the cracks just know that all
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